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Browser/Support 101

Browser Documentation

The key to being successful in the Web2.0 world is to master your browser. You need to know how to:

  • ensure that Javascript & Java support are enabled
  • make sure that your browser accepts cookies
  • set your “privacy”/cache settings & know how to clear your browser’s cache

Minimum browser requirements for Connecticut’s 23 Things:

  • Internet Exporer (IE) 5.x or later
  • Firefox 2.x or later

Connecticut’s 23 Things has not been tested on Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, or Flock. (There is no more Netscape. If you are using Netscape, your browser is too old. You need to upgrade. Try downloading the latest version of Firefox.)

How do I find out what version browser I’m running?

Internet Explorer


Troubleshooting issues with Web2.0 sites (check browser settings):

Internet Explorer settings

Firefox settings

Other issues that may arise:

Pop-up blockers: see How to Disable Common Popup Blockers

Downloads / Flash or other plugin support required. The browser will (most likely) prompt you if an additional plugin component is required for your browser to render a website. The most common plugin that you may be asked to download in the course of 2.0@CSL is the Flash Player. The browser will prompt you through a download and install process, but you may also want to review the installation instructions for the Flash Player. If you know that you’ll be needing Flash and do not already have the Player installed, go to the Adobe download center.

Support Documentation

Internet Explorer Settings

  • In Internet Explorer, go to the Tools pull-down menu
  • Choose Internet Options…
  • Under the Privacy tab, make sure that you’re accepting all cookies
  • Security tab, Custom Level
  • In dialogue box, scroll down to scripting section – make sure scripting is enabled
  • If you’ve made changes to the settings, click Apply, and OK until you’re out

Internet Explorer Version

To find out which version of Internet Explorer you’re running:

  • Open up Internet Explorer
  • Go to the Help pull-down menu
  • Choose About Internet Explorer
  • Note the version that appears in the dialogue box (here, 6.0,x, BTW, this is now outdated, usually the more recent the browser version, the better, but this one still meets the 2.0@CSL minimum system requirements)
  • Click OK to close out of the dialogue box

Firefox Version

  • Open your Firefox browser
  • Go to the Help pull-down menu
  • Choose About Mozilla Firefox
  • Note your browser version — here Version (there is now a version 3, BTW, but version 2 still meets the 2.0@CSL minimum system requirements)
  • Click OK to close out of the dialogue box
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